Tommy Shelby

Tommy Shelby

Returning war hero and the brains behind infamous gang, the Peaky Blinders

Although he's the second eldest of the Shelby brothers, Tommy is a natural leader and the most ambitious of the feared Peaky Blinders. The Great War made him a decorated hero, but left him emotionally introverted with a secret drug habit. He loves his family and is determined to make their lives better and their business legitimate at any cost. Crime pays well, but business pays better.

Oldest From Series 1 Episode 2

From Series 1 Episode 2

You never worked in Dublin, so don't lie to me

Grace attempts to charm Tommy into allowing singing in The Garrison, but Tommy has suspicions that Grace is not all she appears to be.

From Series 1 Episode 2

By the way, which one am I talking to?

The Peaky Blinders have fixed a race on crime lord Billy Kimber's territory without permission, so he pays them an angry visit.

From Series 1 Episode 3

Sometimes it lasts all night

Tommy and Danny discuss the continuing effect that their terrifying job as tunnellers in the trenches of WWI has had on them: an addiction to opium and alcohol, and recurring nightmares.

From Series 1 Episode 6

Why should all you men die?

Tommy's plans to take down racecourse king Billy Kimber have been leaked by the police. Unprepared and out-numbered, the Peaky Blinders must now face Kimber and his men in a final showdown.

From Series 2 Episode 4

Let 'em listen

Tommy visits his horse trainer May Carleton, at her grand country estate. Despite great wealth and privilege, she reveals that grief at losing her husband in the Great War, has isolated her.

Newest From Series 2 Episode 6

From Series 2 Episode 6

In the bleak midwinter

After coming within a hair's breadth of getting everything he wanted, Tommy faces his assassins.

Tommy Shelby

The Soldier's minute. In a battle, that's all you get. One minute of everything at once. And anything before, is nothing.