Grace Burgess

Grace Burgess

A young Irish woman with a secret past

Grace has arrived from Ireland in mysterious circumstances, but she still knows where her loyalties lie. Fearless and charming, with a voice to melt even Tommy’s cold heart, she takes a job as the new barmaid at The Garrison pub, the Shelby brothers’ watering hole.

Oldest From Series 1 Episode 1

From Series 1 Episode 1

I hope you know a lot of songs

Grace sings herself into a job at the Garrison pub.

From Series 1 Episode 3

What are you? A copper?

Grace follows a member of the IRA after she overhears him at The Garrison asking Tommy about the missing weapons.

From Series 1 Episode 3

Why did you change your mind Thomas?

Despite having used Grace as a bargaining tool to get Billy Kimber to agree to a deal, Tommy has a change of heart and saves Grace from being raped by Kimber.

From Series 2 Episode 6

The thing is...I love you, not him

It's Derby Day and the day of Tommy's planned assassination of a British officer for Major Campbell. But an unexpected meeting with Grace threatens to disrupt all Tommy's careful preparation.

Newest From Series 2 Episode 6

From Series 2 Episode 6

Did he tell you my name?

Grace meets May Carleton, Tommy's horsetrainer and her rival for Tommy's affections.

Grace Burgess

I warn you; I’ll break your heart.