Arthur Shelby

Arthur Shelby

The eldest Shelby brother and bulldog of the Peaky Blinders

Arthur is always spoiling for a fight. As the eldest, he feels that he should be the head of the family business, but he can't command the necessary authority. Like many of the men, Arthur continues to be tormented by the devastating effects of the Great War.

Oldest From Series 1 Episode 5

From Series 1 Episode 5

How could you do this to us?

Arthur has given his father a substantial sum for them to start a casino together, like the ones the older man claims to have seen in America. But when it comes to acting on their plans, there is no sign of either Arthur Shelby senior, or the cash.

From Series 2 Episode 4

This place is under new management

Arthur spearheads the Peaky Blinders’ expansion into London, beginning with a ferocious takeover of the Eden Club, controlled by Italian crime lord Darby Sabini.

Newest From Series 2 Episode 4

From Series 2 Episode 4

Point that thing at my head, that's where the trouble is

Arthur is confronted by the mother of a boy he accidentally but brutally killed in the boxing ring.

Arthur Shelby

Owing to my razor blades...this place is under new management, by order of the Peaky Blinders!