Ada Shelby

Ada Shelby

The youngest and only daughter of the Shelby family

Ada’s not interested in the family business, she just wants to have a good time. She's flighty but tough, and isn't afraid of her brothers, however her love of communist Freddie Thorne puts her in conflict with Tommy.

Oldest From Series 1 Episode 2

From Series 1 Episode 2

Ada, how late are you?

Polly realises that Ada is pregnant.

From Series 1 Episode 2

Tell me the man's name

Ada reveals to an irate Tommy who the father of her baby is.

From Series 1 Episode 3

How do I look?

Freddie and Ada get married with the knowledge but not the approval of her family.

From Series 1 Episode 6

Who'll be wearing black for you?

Ada bravely intervenes in a shootout between Billy Kimber's gang and the Peaky Blinders.

Newest From Series 2 Episode 1

From Series 2 Episode 1

I'm not a Shelby anymore

Freddie has died of an infection leaving Ada to look after their son Karl, alone. At Freddie's funeral, Ada rejects the Shelby family and their new-found wealth.

Ada Shelby

The more they try and stop us, the madder I'll be.