Tommy and Grace

Tommy and Grace

Alluring and resourceful, with a voice to soften even Tommy Shelby's war-damaged heart, mysterious newcomer Grace Burgess soon makes herself indispensable to the Peaky Blinders. But can she really be trusted?

Oldest From Series 1 Episode 2

From Series 1 Episode 2

Dig out a nice dress, I want to take you to the races

Grace, the new barmaid at The Garrison, instigates a meeting with its most feared patron Tommy, leader of the Peaky Blinders.

From Series 1 Episode 4

There's something else you should know

Not realising that Grace is spying for Inspector Campbell, Tommy asks Grace to work for the Peaky Blinders.

From Series 1 Episode 5

Grace, can I have this dance?

Grace has revealed the location of the missing weapons to Inspector Campbell on condition that he spares Tommy. But when it becomes clear that Campbell has gone back on his word, Grace hides Tommy in her room while he is in danger of arrest.

From Series 1 Episode 6

When you get back I won't be here

Grace and Tommy have become lovers. Feeling guilty about passing vital information about the Peaky Blinders to the police, Grace attempts to confess to Tommy that she has been spying on him for Inspector Campbell.

From Series 1 Episode 6

As far as I'm concerned you're a snitch from the parish

Polly and Tommy have worked out that the mole in their organisation is Grace. Polly goes to the Garrison to confront her.

From Series 1 Episode 6

Dear Grace...

Tommy has triumphed over Billy Kimber, but all he can think of is Grace, in spite of her duplicity. She is leaving for New York, and has begged him to join her.

From Series 2 Episode 5

It's good to see you Grace

Now married and living in New York, Grace goes to meet Tommy for the first time since she left England.

Newest From Series 2 Episode 6

From Series 2 Episode 6

The thing is...I love you, not him

It's Derby Day and the day of Tommy's planned assassination of a British officer for Major Campbell. But an unexpected meeting with Grace threatens to disrupt all Tommy's careful preparation.