Ada and Freddie

Ada and Freddie

Unbeknownst to her brothers, Ada Shelby is having an illicit relationship with communist agitator and Tommy’s former best friend, Freddie Thorne. But for just how long can the couple keep their love a secret?

Oldest From Series 1 Episode 2

From Series 1 Episode 2

You have to jump Ada, I'll catch you

Caught out during an illicit meeting, Freddie and Ada are forced to flee during a police raid in search of communist agitators.

From Series 1 Episode 2

There's no word for the man who doesn't come back

Freddie, a wanted man, has disappeared without knowing that Ada is pregnant. Having no knowledge of where he is or even if he will return, Polly convinces Ada to terminate her pregnancy.

From Series 1 Episode 2

I'm not afraid of Tommy Shelby

Despite being wanted by the police, Freddie returns to Birmingham with a life-changing question for Ada

From Series 1 Episode 3

I've loved her since she was 9 and I was 12

Childhood best friends turned enemies, Freddie and Tommy come to blows over Ada.

From Series 1 Episode 4

Welcome to the world, son

Despite being under pressure from Inspector Campbell to deliver Freddie to him, Tommy has allowed Freddie to come out of hiding to hold his son for the first time. But someone has betrayed Freddie to the police.

Newest From Series 2 Episode 1

From Series 2 Episode 1

I'm not a Shelby anymore

Freddie has died of an infection leaving Ada to look after their son Karl, alone. At Freddie's funeral, Ada rejects the Shelby family and their new-found wealth.