Polly's children

Polly's children

Polly hasn't seen her son and daughter since they were cruelly taken away from her by the authorities thirteen years ago. Realising their loss weighs more heavily on her heart than ever, Tommy sets out to find Polly’s missing children.

Oldest From Series 1 Episode 6

From Series 1 Episode 6

You have to be as bad as them above in order to survive

Polly tells Ada about her children who were taken away from her by the police, thirteen years before.

From Series 2 Episode 2

Your real mother wants to see you

Tommy finds Polly's son Michael, now seventeen, and tells him who his real mother is.

From Series 2 Episode 2

I'm looking for someone called Elizabeth Gray

Polly and Tommy argue when he refuses to tell her where her son lives. Angry and heartbroken, Polly has drowned her sorrows at The Garrison. But coming home one morning after a heavy night out, she is caught off guard by an unexpected visitor.

From Series 2 Episode 5

They told me what you did

Major Campbell has arrested Michael under false charges to antagonise Tommy. In return for Michael's release from prison, Polly has submitted to Major Campbell's sexual demands.

Newest From Series 2 Episode 6

From Series 2 Episode 6

I don't want to see you here when I get back

Realising that Michael will become further embroiled in a life of crime if he stays with her, Polly gives Michael money to leave Birmingham and urges him to start again, away from the Peaky Blinders.